Silt is that sediment rich in organic matter left by floods on the banks of the river bed, it is enormously fertile and is not very suggestive because of its similarity to the creative processes with which we identify.

We want to tell stories that are the fruit of emotional torrents that lead us into realms of reflection and revealing expression.

The young company began its journey in 2018 with “Chocando contra árboles sagrados”, where they dealt with the situation of sub-Saharan immigrants in the Western world.

The author and director of both plays, Juan Montoro Lara, has a long career as a playwright, having premiered several of his works by different companies.

Meanwhile, in 2012, together with the stage director Joaquín Lisón, he created the Laboratorio Escénico Los Menos, with which they presented two works, “Oluz/ Zulo” and “El sudor del signo”.

Preparados Vivos Ya


My poetics is not univocal. If there is one thing that is clear to me, it is that I am interested in all aspects of playwriting, of theatre, because the text has to be at the service of the staging. I feel comfortable at my desk and I feel comfortable working with a team from before a word is written, being one more; when the staging process begins with the first written sentence and the text begins with the first action proposed by a director and performers in a rehearsal space.

Juan Montoro Lara


Teatro del Limo is a sincere and exciting way of having the opportunity to talk about the issues that really interest us, with the language and the form we consider appropriate. A commitment to contemporary dramatic theatre, where elements such as aesthetics or physicality, metaphor and poetics, are of the utmost importance.

A model of an emerging, committed and competent professional performing arts company.

Jessica Cerón



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