Preparados, ViVos ¡YA!

Emilia is an elite athlete, she competes at the highest level, sometimes she wins, sometimes she loses. With her father’s suicide, it is revealed to her that her adversary is someone else, a very well-trained rival, but not flesh and blood.

His life is faltering, he has become as vulnerable as the high jump bar, the discipline to which he is dedicated. She feels that her identity, her personality, the imprint with which she treads the world, the attitude with which she relates to society and to herself is being forged in the battle against an invisible adversary.

The theatre, like an ancient stage of dreams woven with threads of light and passion, stands as a beacon in the night of society. On its curtain of emotions, stories unfold that transcend time and space, taking us by the hand into the depths of the human soul. Under the spotlights, the actors become threads of the universal fabric, connecting hearts, whispers and laughter in the echo of the same heartbeat. Theatre, living poetry, dances in the embrace of words and music, nourishing the soul of society with its essence, reminding us that we are, in essence, all actors in the great drama of life.

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